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Who we are

R-Chills Music Company is one of the prominent music production company in India, our office in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

R-Chills Music Company established by Mr. Vishal Sadhariya and Mr. Mohd Kalam in 2018 and since then nothing has stopped us from growing. We believe in providing innovative quality ideas and output. We are always here to support you in your goal achievement, through our hands-on creativity. We have experts protocol to observe and visualize every corner and aspects of hurdles and quality maintenance.

R-Chills Music Company runs a music publishing division, a recording studio, a record label, and a film production division. We have one of the best team in music fields with minimum 2 years of master experience. Now today, we have produced quite an exceptional catalog of high-quality music, one that is very comprehensive and has a wonderful diversity of musical styles and genres.

It  has always been his endeavor to reach the Global consumer and offer them the best of original digital content from Bollywood through his digital initiative and which is working diligently with his core team to establish a more comprehensive distribution network. We are creating the value of dream, through our knowledge and special honesty toward our Profession.

Let's work together

Company Owner's

Mr.vishal is a founder and partner of R chills Music.co. and is the main financial strategist responsible for companies reinvestments strategy. Through his direction and efficient resource management, a company have moved into key high-growth business areas, which have resulted in niche and specialized segments of growth. A shrewd businessman, Vishal has always been a step ahead of the curve in understanding tomorrow’s demand and has led several transformations at the company. In this regard, Vishal has been instrumental in creating an artistic platform for his music company.

Mohd.kalam is co-founder and partner of R chills Music.co. he is a play back singer also has offered for playback singing for his covers of proposed songs and he is very popular amongst his fans.
he has done remarkable work in compositions. he came up with many well loved music amongst his followers and listeners. He sang a number of you tube Star collections, commercials as well, He is trained in various style of music and started performing on his channel. He started his own Music Company as R chills Music, in 2018 and has since gathered millions of subscribers. Known for his mash-ups, he sings various languages.

Our Team

Tthe people who are amazingly experienced, we have built up a team which can deliver the best services in their respective areas of Music Production.



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